Post Production Videography

The Post Production

Amp it up, slow it down, remove a few frames here, add an effect there. These seemingly minute differences can separate a good video from a great one. Our videography services in Singapore go beyond creating videos, editing is also a key component of that.

Our team of post-production specialists work their magic to bring all the elements together and colour-grade for that finishing touch.

What is Post Production?

Plausibly the most gratifying phase, post production is where the editing works are carried out. The entire post production process involves plenty, and that requires the input of the many talents on our production team. Editors, sound engineers, colorists – these are just a few of the professionals responsible for making your content stand out.

Depending on the size of your production, the video editing process may vary.

Stage Ready

Once everything is shot and production is wrapped, onedash22 Singapore and our regional offices will begin the video editing process. It all starts with video editing, helping you assemble and tell the story you want to tell. The tone, the film, and the visual aspects will all be accounted for according to the creative vision, not to mention the visual effects, colour correction, and required graphics.

Once the visuals are locked in, sound editing takes the stage. We have the best sound editors around to help provide the perfect audio and effects for your production. Removing excess noise, cutting dialogue, and of course, sound mixing will blend together to give you a creation you will be proud of.

Go Beyond with onedash22

With our Singapore base and regional offices in both Shanghai and Manila, our teams are ready with the leading equipment, technology, and the experts to help you with your video, sound, and other editing needs. If you are looking for a video production partner to help push your marketing to the next level, hit us up today!