Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production in Singapore

In today’s fast-paced world of work, no one has the time nor the capacity to digest a 1000-word company description. The key for businesses to stand out from their competitors is a cutting-edge corporate video.

A carefully filmed corporate film shares your brand message in a coherent and digestible manner. It captures the essence of your business and reflects your unique brand story.

Sure, with camera equipment and editing tools, anyone can put a video together these days. But believe it or not – creating a great video takes more than just having the basic support equipment. It takes grit. It takes experiences, careful planning and smart editing. And last but not least, it takes a time-tested process to make the magic happen. If you do not have the resource nor expertise, we’re here to help!

Here at onedash22, we focus on telling your story with the art of moving visuals. Our team leverages our comprehensive suite of production tools and wealth of experience to captivate your audience and intentionally move your business goals forward. The end result? Nothing but exceptional.

Why Bother with Corporate Videos?

“Are corporate videos necessary for business development and success?” Our answer is a resounding yes. Why so?

You see, Singapore is thriving with opportunities for small and big businesses alike. Not only will a corporate video help your company build a more professional yet approachable rapport, but it also demonstrates your capabilities and tells your viewers who you truly are.

Besides being the dominant marketing tool in today’s digital space, videos are cost-effective and less time-consuming for your target audience. They build engagement, tell stories and boost brand recall when filmed, edited and produced right. Never underestimate their power.

Ready to Produce Your Very
Own Corporate Video

From pre-production, filming and post-production, our professional team will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on enhancing your business operations.

Based in Singapore, onedash22 has served a vast clientele and produced numerous corporate videos for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. Get in touch with our production house, and let’s start filming your corporate video today!