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Web videos aka, online videos are skyrocketing and being on a screen is the only way up!

Think about it, what do you do everyday? – wake up and stare at your phone, while you travel to work, while you walk about and eat lunch. For example companies make use of Facebook and Instagram to engage their audience, FB – (eBay Sellers Video) Insta – (The Sam Willows promote Trolls Topia)

Our phones are the source of everything in our lives, and this is where video plays a huge role in reaching your audience. Think back to that moment you see a photo on your feed, you might pause but you will quickly continue to scroll but an engaging video appears and your eyes can’t look away.

Companies must have a video to be competitive in the market. More users engage with video and are prepared to watch at least 30 seconds or more on their phones. The types of video range from short ads, 1 minute stories selling a brand or educating a customer to full drama series.

Taking that first step into creating video content doesn’t need to be a leap into the unknown. Finding a production house which can assist you and create the best content will help. There are many out there and all with various unique selling points.

But most importantly before you partner up make sure you know who your target audience is and what do you want them to understand from watching your video. The rest you can leave in the capable hands your production house.

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