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Take a look inside

The Reveal

Welcome inside our office.

We hope that when you visit us you will feel at home.

Our spaces are designed for creativity and comfort, awaiting to inspire you as you step into the different rooms.

Over the years many edit and preview spaces for our clients have taken shape within these walls. Now in it’s third transformation, our Red Room took shape when we invested in our first Red One Camera. A few years back now our Red One was stored in this room and so in honour of that we have the red room.

Our next space reflects our Executive Producers love of the beach and his eclectic style. This space which doubles as a meeting area and our EPs office. This room has a relaxed feel but still maintains its practicality. Both the Red room and The Beach retreat spaces were created and styled by our own in house Designer.

The last image you see is our newest addition to our ever growing spaces. We now share our lower floor with our sister company Spacebar films, a Director Agency sourcing from all over the globe. This space is connected to our newly built studio and you can comfortably relax in this space whilst production takes place on the other side of the wall. Being able to watch it all unfold live on the Television in front of you. This space was designed in collaboration with UrbanHabitat.

If you would like to see more of our spaces please drop by or if you would like to see what’s created within these spaces take a look at our videos. https://vimeo.com/onedash22

The fun things we get up to https://www.facebook.com/onedash22/

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